Shopping Tips

Here are a few things to think about when shopping for furniture and home décor that may help you prevent some mistakes that can easily be overlooked.

Correct Scaling

large sofaOften times we make decisions based off the old adage, “Is it going to fit?” When the reality or better question would be, “Do I like it and will it scaled correctly?” Scaling could potentially be the single biggest mistake we all make when putting furniture in a space. The easiest way to prevent this common mistake is understanding that “Less is more”. We know we are answering this very broadly, but it’s because there are so many variables that come into play when placing furniture in a space (What type of piece is it? What are the dimensions? What is the size of the space? How many pieces do you have in that space? What pieces are you showcasing in this space? And the list goes on and on). So just remember a good general rule of thumb is “less is more” when it comes to pieces of furniture that sit on the floor. To us, “space equals value”.

Wall Décor

rustic wall decor lanternsWhen buying wall art how do I know the correct size of décor for my wall? Again, this is going to be a very general answer. The goal for a piece of wall art is to have it be the center of attention in its space. So for wall art, the space is “the wall” area it hangs from. When you look at that wall the art should be the focal point not the wall space around it. If the wall demands more attention than the art then you’ve missed the mark. Secondly, if the wall is a large space you may want to look for three pieces of art or décor to fit the space. Also, hanging pieces in odd numbers always tends to be better than hanging an even amount of pieces. Three is a good complete number. And again, the wall art should be the focus not the wall around it. Also, a quick side note, a piece of art should be hung approximately 58” x 60” on center from the floor. This is a good standard height for all wall décor. Art should be at the average eye level for everyone to enjoy.

Where To Start

modern rugLastly, when shopping for pieces of furniture or furnishings for a specific space start at the bottom (or the floor) of that area and work your way up. For example, if you’re furnishing a complete space start with the rug(s) to define an area. Secondly, work from the middle of that space and move outward. Let’s use a dining room for example; rug, table, light, chairs, sideboard, wall décor, etc. If you were working on a living room it would work the same way; Rug (bottom), table (middle), light (middle), chairs (outward), sideboard (outward against wall), wall décor, etc. We think your getting the idea.

Enjoy shopping. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Follow these simple principles and your inner designer might just come out.